Our Clients...

Below is a partial list of some of our satisfied clientele and what they have to say about mediagroup and our service!


“When Sony committed itself to supplying the world’s first ‘cybership’ for Celebrity Cruises, we knew we were looking to climb a pretty tall mountain. Of all the systems we integrated there, I am perhaps most proud of your StarNet voting system.”

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“StarNet has had a strong impact on the learning effort in the career development and training division. We have now made it a permanent part of our curriculum. Your continuing help and support is invaluable.”

Rochester Individual Practice Association

“We use StarNet in both our medical management education sessions and in our Boardroom. In the clinical case-based lectures, everyone likes having the chance to express their opinions. At board meetings, we ask very tough questions regarding strategy; the answers really help us.”

Salomon Smith Barney

“I am writing to thank you for making our Women’s Conference a great success. You enabled us to cover a tremendous amount of material in an interactive fashion. The audience felt totally involved - time flew by. Further analysis of the data revealed even more about our attendees.”

First Court

“In focus group research for trial attorneys, we’ve found the audience response system a safe and quick way for people to tell us what they are really thinking. We’re very impressed with the service provided by mediagroup. Your support has been wonderful-way above our expectations.”

University of Findlay Physician Assistant Program

“We’re astounded at how your ARS makes our medical lectures so enjoyable. We’re using it more and more. We were very fortunate to find mediagroup, and your continuing support is terrific.”

ORTHO Pharmaceutical

“Thank you for all your effort during our ‘Sex in the X Generation’ college outreach program. I can tell you without any hesitation, that your work contributed a significant amount to the success of this campaign. Your teamwork was very much appreciated as was your feedback and counsel at the end of the pilots.”

Royal Bank of Canada

“Your system is a good example of how technology can be used to help people relate more openly and effectively. It was particularly effective in providing a channel for participation by all, and in stimulating our people’s team spirit.”


“Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding contribution to our town meeting. Your system was one of the big stars of our broadcast. It worked well mechanically and editorially, and made an otherwise dull topic much more interesting. Let’s do it again sometime...”


“The technology worked without a hitch and we managed to have a little fun while gathering some interesting insights from the senior team. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from CSX again.”

Rowan and Michaels

“I would like to convey to you my personal thanks for your assistance with the recent research project my company conducted. The experience was positive; our client is very satisfied with the results, and I expect our company will be generating more business in this area because of this outcome.”


“At Marion Merrell Dow’s recent global marketing meeting here in New York, your system, which tested quick response and knowledge, worked amazingly well. It turned an otherwise tedious review into a highly interactive experience, and the energy in the room rose to a peak during its use. It was clearly a highlight of the afternoon.”


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