ARS Hardware Options

mediagroup audience response offers two wireless system hardware options. Permanent installation of hard-wired audience response systems is also available. To discuss your needs and to determine which system is right for you, please call TOLL FREE 1.800.581.8050 or send email to Click to Learn More About the ITech System

A New Era in ARS Technology

The ITech Model 220 wireless handset and 110TC transceiver offer the latest in ARS technology. Break away from restrictive, single-digit, multiple-choice only responses. Maximize your interactive voting options. The possibilities are truely endless with ITech!

Click the ITech system to learn more.

Click to Learn More About the Fleetwood System

The Fleetwood Reply® System

The Fleetwood Reply® system performs the most basic of audience response functions. It is best suited for single key responses or yes/no questions.

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Diversified Engineering Hard-wired Installations

A pioneer in the field of Audience Response, mediagroup began selling hard-wired, permanently installed systems more than twenty years ago. From classrooms to cruiseliners, if you require a hard-wired solution, call us at 1.800.581.8050 or send email to to discuss your needs.


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